The HydroCat-180 is a catamaran USV adept at travelling from inshore to offshore environments carrying high resolution payloads to conduct fully autonomous hydrographic surveys. This vessel features individually articulated hulls, dual-actuated electric motors, a gimballed deck, an auto-pilot module, a remote controlled sonar deployment system with locking piston, SVP winch, nav aids (e.g. strobe and nav lights), a wi-fi data communication system and onboard industrial PC, and can be easily transported by trailer.


  • Cruise speed: 3 knots
  • Top speed: 10 knots
  • Length: 5.5 m / 18 ft
  • Width: 2.44 m / 8 ft
  • Overall height: 2.75 m / 9 ft
  • Endurance: 4-8 hours (2 batteries + 2 spares)
  • Payload: 700 lbs / 318 kg
  • Motor: 2x 10HP Torqueedo electric boards

  • Systems available:

  • Single or dual head ultra-high resolution multibeam
  • 180 HD video camera
  • Sound Velocity Profiling winch
  • Merlin LIDAR
  • Side scan sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • Sub-bottom profiler

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