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Scancom Radio Communications has been operational in the professional communications market for over three decades. As a supplier of private mobile radio products, together with quality HF-SSB systems for aviation and marine projects from the very beginning, Scancom has been at the forefront of innovative communication technology for many years.

In 2001 Scancom was appointed as the authorised distributor of Pacific Crest Wireless RTK data links for the UK, and since Trimble’s acquisition of Pacific Crest, Scancom has also been involved in building the GNSS receiver market for OEM brands of multi-national groups and industrial consortiums within the UK. In the later 2000s, recognising the continuing advances in technology in the survey industry, Scancom also became a distributor of SETTOPSurvey products, delivering geopositioning technologies and custom survey monitoring solutions to the Northern European market.

As a further addition to Scancom’s support of the Trimble portfolio of products, through working in partnership with Survey Solutions Group in Edinburgh, Scotland, we now showcase Trimble Marine hardware and software. In addition, Survey Solutions Group/Scancom have recently expanded their Marine portfolio further to include UAVs and USVs manufactured by Trimble partners Delair and Microdrones, and Seafloor Systems respectively.

Today Scancom Radio Communications has a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software, designed for a variety of applications to fulfil the requirements of customers operating in a broad array of environments. This product range combined with a committed staff allows Scancom Radio Communications to meet the needs of its clients.

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Website: www.scancomrc.co.uk

Scancom Radio Communications
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